Top 25 Beautiful and Exciting Reasons to be Vegetarian
25 Beautiful and Exciting Reasons to be Vegetarian

25 Beautiful and Exciting Reasons to be Vegetarian

25 Beautiful and Exciting Reasons to be Vegetarian

25 Beautiful and Exciting Reasons to be Vegetarian
Beautiful and Exciting Reasons to be Vegetarian

Being a Veganism was considered a hippie thing, but now the lifestyle is completely mainstream. Regardless of whether people switched to their health or for the animals, since 2014 there has been a 600 percent increase in those identifying as Vegetarian. From preventing diabetes to reducing your carbon footprint, here are the top 25 Beautiful and Exciting reasons to be Vegetarian.

Not only has this shift resulted in Vegetarian options being offered in almost every restaurant, but the growing lifestyle has also led to a whole range of new products that make it easier to operate on a plant-based basis.

Finding right in the meat section of grocery stores in many supermarkets are switching to making plant-based alternatives, it is clear that a revolution is taking place. So why not be a part of it? There is no better time to remove animal products from your life, and here are best 25 reasons that may convince you to step up today.

It keeps your Heart Healthy

25 Beautiful and Exciting Reasons to be Vegetarian
Healthy Heart

One of the best ways to keep your heart healthy is to cut out all animal products from your life, herbal nutritionist Courtney Pool says, “Vegetarian diets reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering LDL, HDL and non-LDL cholesterol.”

A Vegetarian Diet also lowers Blood Sugar levels to normal, which also has Positive effect on Heart Health.

A 2017 study by the American Heart Association found that those who followed a predominantly plant-based diet had a 42 percent lower risk of developing heart failure than those who did not.

Summary– It lowers the blood sugar level and cholesterol level. Hence, it keeps free blood flowing in and out of heart.

This will help make you more Productive

If you feel that your overall productivity whether in the office or in life in general can use a boost, then vegan (Vegetarian) may be the right way to go.

In a four-month study by the American Journal of Health Promotion, researchers found that a vegetarian diet not only helped workers lose a few pounds, it also made workers more productive so that they could do more and get in their jobs.

Summary– Overall the weight of body keeps in control making active and productive in office and in personal life as well.

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It Can help you Stay Young

Unfortunately, there is still no fountain of youth to bear and a glowing glow to return to. There is a way that you can follow a vegetarian diet. “If you’re looking for an antagonistic effect, then a vegetarian diet is your best bet,” Pool says.

Vegetarian foods contain more antioxidants, as well as more minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients, all of which support glowing skin, hair and eyes.”

Summary- Overall the nutrients content of vegetarian diet is high which is very beneficial to body. Undoubtedly it keeps you forever young and fresh.

You Reduce your risk of Breast Cancer

According to, one in eight women will develop it in their lifetime and that means there will be an estimated 330,000 new cases in the US this year alone.

One thing that can help reduce your risk is: A 2017 study published in BMC Public Health found that cutting meat can help you avoid breast cancer. Conversely, meat consumption was associated with a higher risk.

Summary- Low the meat from various animals and other sources, lowers the risk of Breast cancer.

This can help keep your body in Check

Instead of going on a crazy diet, it is good to focus on just plants inside and outside your body.

Plants are great for maintaining a Healthy Weight and Body Mass Index.

“Of course now there are a lot of vegetarian junk food which is the least eaten but if you eat Vegetables, Fruits, Healthy Fats, Beans, Legumes and other whole foods, you will get great results.” A 2016 study confirms that carnivores eat less weight than meat eaters.

Summary- Having Plant based diet is surely keep your body in control. It provides required quantity of nutrients to body.

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It can help you live Longer

When you are a Vegetarian, you not only save the life of animals, but you also expand your own.

A 2018 study published in The Lancet found that people who consumed animal food had a shorter life expectancy than those based on sources of protein and fat. In fact, the risk of death was reduced by about 20 percent.

Summary- It is proved fact that Vegetarian people live longer lives. Saints and Sadhus in the ancient times were believed to be living for hundreds of years and are truly and purely plant based survivors.

It can improve your Arthritis

People with osteoarthritis a type of arthritis who have joint pain everywhere from the hands and neck to the back and knees. In a 2015 study published in the journal Arthritis, people who eat a whole food-based diet showed significant pain reduction compared to a normal carnivorous diet. 

And understand this: It only took me two weeks to realize the results. Additionally, another study has found that eating a vegetarian diet can help you reduce your risk of arthritis, a chronic inflammatory disease that affects joints.

It can improve your Antioxidant status in fighting the Disease

When you have good antioxidant status, your body is better at fighting disease, whether it is cancer or heart disease. And how do you get all these antioxidants? Become a vegetarian. Getting optimum quantity of Antioxidants is one of the beautiful and exciting reasons to be vegetarian.

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that a vegetarian diet contains significantly more antioxidants than a typical carnivorous diet, which can lead to better health across the board.

Summary- Antioxidants are fond in large quantity in plant based diets. These antioxidants help in fighting toxins in or body and keeps body healthy.

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It will keep your Bones Strong

25 Beautiful and Exciting Reasons to be Vegetarian
Pure Vegetarian , Strong Bones

When you were little, you should drink milk to make your bones strong. Unfortunately, Calcium from animal products proves to be the opposite, despite being “milked”, the advertisements claim.

A study published in Topic in Integrative Health Care found that fruits and vegetables are essential for healthy bones and osteoporosis, which weakens bones, is actually true in developed countries, where dairy products abound and good ones are used “more often” by the population.

“If you want high-quality calcium that’s good for your body, then your greens can do just that. In fact, 100 grams of kale contain more calcium than 100 grams of milk.

Summary- It is no wonder that green diet is more beneficial than meat for bones. Dairy products works as wonder for bones. It is essential for good and healthy growth of bones.

You will see an increase in your Energy Level

If you feel tired and lethargic all the time, then changing your diet can make you feel normal again. “If you have low energy or energy fluctuations, a plant-based diet can rectify that problem,”

Pool says. “Meat, dairy products, and eggs use more energy for digestion than plant based products, meaning your body has less energy to fuel your body, your brain, and your day.”

Summary- Healthy and vegetarian diet keeps up the energy level. Have proper diet in the morning or in evening, it will surely keep yo freshen up all the time.

It can help end World Hunger

If you want to be a part of real change, there is an easy way to be a Vegetarian. According to a study published in the Environmental Research Paper, the researchers found that Cows, Pigs, Chickens, and other animals raised for food consumed many plants that could be used to feed humans.

If these crops were grown for human feed, instead of feeding animals only for meat, four billion people could be fed.

Summary- Logically if we think, plants and crops that are finished up by animals can be useful for millions of humans to survive.

Think Veggie and Think Healthy.

You Save a lot of Water

Not so much. Certainly, taking small showers is one thing. But if you really want to play your part, then go vegan.

It takes about 1,800 gallons to make one pound of beef that you see on store shelves and that’s just one pound pound of one of the many animals that are eaten.

As crazy as it may sound, agriculture in the United States uses 80 percent of all water. So just think how much can be saved if people stop eating meat.

Summary- A lot of water can be saved if gone vegan. This cold not be just useful to individual but to whole universe in terms of water. If not thought on this step at this moment, in the future situation could be more worsen.

You will Save the Animals

Most people have no idea how much harm there is in making meat. If you are a vegetarian, you can save thousands of animals for years and they will stop adding all the aches and pains to get on people’s plates.

PETA’s expedition expert Ashley Byrne said, “The majority of chickens, cows, pigs and turkeys spend their lives in huge factory farms, where they are kept in crowded, dirty stalls or cages. They are deprived of anything it is done.

“Pigs can never breathe fresh air or feed their jawans. Cows are in such a tumultuous state that they often fall on their drive to the abattoir, where they are pushed or pulled by trucks.

Chickens and Turkeys are crooked along with thousands of other birds in crowded pits where diseases, suffocation or heart attacks are common. All of these are intelligent and sensitive. There are animals that are in pain, like our dogs and cats.

Summary- Animals can live their own life and enjoy nature as humans enjoy. This cold balance nature and make environment friendly for humans to live. Just Think of living in cage as animals spend their life living inside. 

You can help Stop Global Warming

It is devastating to see images of hungry polar bears whose homes are melting due to global warming. The change will not come from cycling to work instead of just riding: transportation only accounts for a small part of the problem.

According to reports, animal husbandry accounts for 18 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions – and in this perspective, that all modes of transport exceed the combined emissions. If you really want to see change, then being vegetarian is the way to go.

Summary-Animal husbandry, Non-Vegetarian store houses contributes large extent to global warming. Be sensible towards animals and environment. This earth is for boon for us, keep it safe and intact.

You have Better Gut Health

When your intestines are healthy, you feel better mentally and physically: these tiny bacteria play a role in everything from your digestion to your immune system and mood.

According to a review published in 2014 in the journal Nutrients, gut profiles of vegetarians topped with fewer disease-causing organisms and more protective bacterial species and lower rates of inflammation, compared to non-vegetarian and even vegetarian diets.

Summary- Gut health is always good with vegetarian foods. Vegetarian diet always keeps gastric problems in check. It keeps you physically and mentally fit.

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You can Stop Diabetes

Whether you are trying to prevent diabetes or reduce the symptoms of diabetes, vaginism can make a difference.

“Studies have shown that a vegetarian diet can help reduce diabetes medication, lower hemoglobin A1C levels, and improve blood sugar levels, “There are many varieties of people who use a plant-based diet to fight diabetes.”

Summary- Blood sugar level is kept in control with vegetarian diet. It not only keeps Blood sugar in control but few others problem as well which helps in living healthy as well as strong life.

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You will be Happier

25 Beautiful and Exciting Reasons to be Vegetarian
25 Beautiful and Exciting Reasons to be Vegetarian

When you are a vegetarian, not only do you like knowing that you are not harming living beings for your food. You can also increase mood by diet alone.

In a study by the American Journal of Health Promotion, researchers found that people who switched to plants improved their depression and anxiety symptoms, making them feel happier and more comfortable.

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You’ll Save the Rainforest

Forget everything you’ve heard about rainforest destruction because the main reason may surprise you: animal husbandry. In fact, it accounted for 91 percent of Amazon’s destruction.

To save endangered animals from tigers to wild animals you should stop eating animal products. Even a person can help make a huge difference.

Great (and delicious!) Food Choices

Years ago it was hard to find a plant-based alternative to your favorite prepacked and ready-to-use foods at the grocery store. Now vegans have many options.

Realistic processed Cheese, bleeding burgers, creamy ice cream, dairy-free milk made from nuts, as you call them, are “egg” products.

Whatever you loved before being vegetarian, you can find a way to make it without harming the animals.

Summary- You will always have lots of healthy as well as nutritive vegetarian options. There are delicious items available and multiple ways to cook the same items. So just enjoy.

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This will help get rid of Acne

It can be very difficult to get rid of acne. If you have tried every product on store shelves to no avail, you may want to try being a vegetarian. Not only that all these extra vitamins and nutrients make your skin glow, milk can also do wonders for those breakouts.

Several studies have shown that drinking cows’ milk regardless of species is positively associated with acne. So eliminating them from your diet can lead to a certain clearing.

It’s never been Easy

Often times, people think it is difficult to go vegetarian. However, this is not the case especially with all available resources. “It’s never been easy to be vegetarian, and the food has never been so tasty,” Byrne says. “Plus, there are a lot of resources for those who want to switch.

Even when you’re traveling, there are apps like Happy Cow that help you see all the options available around you. can do.”

You will Sleep Better

The key to a good night’s sleep is probably not counting the flocks, but they (and other animals!) Help by being vegetarian. An earlier study found that people who adopted vegetarian improved their sleep quality.

So by making the switch, you can break out of that rest time and spend your day with extra energy.

Summary- Being Vegan will give you less gut problem, less health problem, less stress and finally good sleep.

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You will fill less Stressed

Feeling stressed is not fun for anyone. But you guessed it! – Going vegetarian can help reduce your level.

In a survey of 620 participants, all vegetarian participants gave less stress and anxiety to fruits and vegetables than non-vegetarians. And all these positive vibes helped female participants eat less candy.

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Join a Cool Community

Believe it or not, the vegetarian community is not scary: it is full of kind people who do not want to cause pain or suffering to any living person. And there are a lot of familiar names that you can recognize.

The list of vegetarian celebrities is very long, but a handful of them include Madonna, Ariana Grande, Gisele Bundchen, Miley Cyrus, Woody Harrelson, Alicia Silverstone, James Cameron, Leo Hemsworth, Ellie Golding, Natalie Portman and Peter Dinklage.

Summary-This could be reason to cheers along with many successful personalities. Vegetarian is always a choice to acquire.

This may reduce your Risk of Stomach Cancer

Do you want to keep your colon in good shape? Being vegetarian is a great way to do this. It turns out that if you eat meat regularly, you’re actually pushing your luck: Research shows that people who eat processed or red meat have colon cancer more than those who eat meat.

50 percent more likely to develop. Instead, replace that animal protein with healthy forms of plant-based proteins such as tofu, tempeh, and chickpeas.

You will Smell Better

You can spray as many perfumes or colognes as you like, but they all have their own personal scent, and being a vegetarian can add a great scent.

In a study published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, researchers found that people who ate more fruits and vegetables, also known as vegans, sweated much better than those who did not.

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