8 Amazing Tips on How Meditation Makes Your Fitness Better
Amazing Tips on How Meditation Makes Your Fitness Better

Amazing Tips on How Meditation Makes Your Fitness Better

Amazing Tips on How Meditation Makes Your Fitness Better

Amazing Tips on How Meditation Makes Your Fitness Better
Amazing Tips on How Meditation Makes Your Fitness Better

Meditation means making strong but silent connection between body and mind. Better meant stronger, faster, leaner who can defeat tall buildings and climb high mountains. The results were what mattered. Meditation is what brings charm and freshness not only on face and life, it makes your fitness better as whole for life long. Check out Amazing Tips on How Meditation Makes Your Fitness Better.

100% intensity is not sustainable 100% of the time

Over the years, better has meant something different. Better is now beyond physical ability and competence. It is better to involve the mind and soul.

Better means recognizing physical and mental health, physical and mental ability. They are inextricably linked to improve one means to improve the other.

Meditation has helped improve my mental health and therefore my physical health. I have found that how exercise and focusing have a noticeable effect on the body.

Combining meditation and fitness is not a new idea. For example, it is essentially the guiding principle behind yoga. However, extending attention and thoughts to other areas of fitness is considered inferior.

The question is:

  • How can attention shift towards better performance?
  • Will it help me stay injury free?
  • How can it help me maintain strength and mobility in old age?

This interaction begins by recognizing the difference between meditation and more traditional fitness concepts. Take a look at some of the best tips on How Meditation makes Fitness Better.

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Repair or Reinstall

Amazing Tips on How Meditation Makes Your Fitness Better
Reinstall Yourself

Over the years I have relied on my age to facilitate recovery or absence. I recovered quickly because I was 25 years old. There was no massage therapy or stretching, no active rest, no cross training. No attention to diet or proper nutrition.

Combined with my all-or-nothing training, I began to physically break down at the age of 30. I get tired very easily and I always need recovery periods between workouts. I started having pain in my sleep. Sometimes, I thought I am irritable and rude and short tempered with people.

Fitness was no longer fun or complete. It was a burden. Something that I thought I’d rather do.

Something had to change for better life.

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I started practicing meditation on Thursday afternoon, to concentrate and exhale and do nothing. I learned to pay attention when the mind wanders. This return to breathing exercises builds meditation and the muscles of the mind.

I started doing breathing exercises before and after my workouts. The results were breathtaking.

My eyes and heart were opened before each training session. I felt more connected to myself. I ran because it was a beautiful afternoon and the sun felt warm on my face, not because I had to be on the right track for another personal best.

Post-workout recovery became more important because I had time to connect with my breath and thus myself. It was less important to me if I was late for an upcoming social event. Back to my desk late to meet a work deadline. Coming home late and having enough time to watch a movie.

The frequency of my injury decreased dramatically. My recovery time decreased between sessions. My body just feels better I feel better than 33 today than I did at 28-30.

As soon as I paid attention to mental health, my body followed suit.

Setting Goals

Setting specific goals is paramount for success in fitness.

Many people use random intentions and deadlines to exercise. “I want to lose weight” or “I want to run fast” came to mind.

It is likely that you will lock or spin your wheels this way.

Instead, set clear and measured goals. “I want to lose 20 pounds in 12 weeks, at a rate of 1.5 to 2 pounds per week.” I want to cut my half marathon time for my race in 3 months.

By setting specific goals, you can easily track progress and hold yourself accountable, reducing the likelihood of failure.

In my 20s, I was completely focused on results. There was little room (or patience) for anything else. When I meditated, my priorities changed. My goals have changed. I have tested fitness more holistically, not just through a performance lens.

Instead of setting a goal of running 3 miles in under 20 minutes, I have set a goal of running at least 3 miles per year for the next 20 years and for 20 years thereafter.

Eyelashes blink carefully. We are more open to new and exciting experiences that are inspired by joy and performance rather than secondary details like speed and power.

I am mentally more confident. When another injury shows its ugly head and makes no mistake, I feel much more confident in my ability to deal with it. Being stronger and more capable than before.

Meditation enables us to go beyond the already existing perceptions of fitness and set goals that are more geared towards long-term well-being.

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When I was 25 years old, I did not run faster than that. Not much stronger than when I was 28 years old. But my performance has improved since then.

How is that possible?

My definition of achievement has changed. I no longer measure performance by time, weight, or appearance.

I am not interested in maintaining a pack of 8 while running 60 miles a week, also not interested in bench press 1 repetition or less.

Through longevity. I am strongly inspired. From the quality of my experience. From the joy I get. I resolve due to the amount of stress. Through the health of my physical body. With the power and depth of my mind.

According to these criteria, my performance is lighter than it is today.

Meditation opens internal eyes. It broadens horizons for both physically and mentally

I see the world differently and now I interact more intentionally with friends and family. I am more aware of what I eat and drink and more careful with my free time and learned to read and write and sometimes enjoy Sudoku. Say Cheers.

We prepare for success through meditation. Focus on meditation and find happiness in everything you do.

By making meditation a part of your life, assessing and adjusting your fitness goals as needed, you can live a life of meaning and importance while staying fit for a long time.

It only takes a Thursday afternoon of meditation to begin.

Take a look at some of the other best methods on How Meditation makes our Health Better.

It Reduces Inflammation

The ability of meditation to reduce stress is well known. However, chronic stress causes inflammation in the body that is associated with heart disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity, says Paul Claybrook, a certified nutritionist.

It brings balance in your Life

Finding balance whether it is balancing work and personal life, coping with stress, and taking our time is important to our conscience and wellbeing.

If you practice mindfulness and learn to center your thoughts, you will get there.

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You become more Productive

When you focus more on your day-to-day life, instead of jumping from project to project, you focus on the task at hand and that increases productivity, says Corey Mascara, founder of the Long Island Mindfulness Center.

“When we spend our day on autopilot, we remember those quick changes from working on a project to scrolling on Facebook to my friend’s cat pictures.” The faster we understand these changes, the faster we can get back to real work and the more we can do.”

It Strengthens the Immune System

One of the many health benefits of meditation is to strengthen the immune system, says Mick Castle, clinical hypotherapist and founder of the wellness app Thinkwell-Livewell.

Research shows that mindfulness lowers blood pressure and strengthens the immune system, making you feel better and perhaps even living longer.

This may include resting more, getting better sleep and focusing, improving reasoning, performance, and productivity.

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Meditation brings Creativity and Creativity provides benefits such as problem resolution, adaptability and confidence

It makes you good. We all need a little more kindness in our lives, and meditation can do it.

It improves memory. Meditation improves cognitive functions that can improve mood and prevent memory loss, says Brittany Ferri, occupational therapist and founder of simplicity of health.

Meditation prevents burns

When we work long hours and keep on increasing our responsibilities, it is easy to burn out. The practice of mindfulness-based stress relief can actually shrink the part of the brain that causes anxiety, and strengthen the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for personal development. So, watch out for meditation to deal with stress in the workplace.

You will have a spiritual awakening. Meditation takes us to a place within ourselves that can awaken feelings of love and peace. For some, it can create a spiritual awakening.

Meditation builds flexibility. If you focus on all the emotions happiness, failure and regret you can follow those feelings and experience the “seat of consciousness”, says author and wellness educator Sherrell Moore-Tucker.

“Sitting with these feelings and experiences, inner strength is cultivated and flexibility is created,” she says.

Your Sex life will be much better

With Mindfulness, you can create a more authentic, compassionate and honest relationship with sex, says Shaun Shapiro, a clinical psychologist and author of Good Morning I Love You.

Studies show that practicing mindfulness increases sexual arousal and overall sexual satisfaction as it improves your relationship with your body.

It encourages Mindful Eating

Our relationship with food can be complicated, and eating or overeating can harm our physical and mental health. Mindfulness helps combat your food awareness and reactivity, says Shapiro, and helps you enjoy food by recognizing hunger.

“When we eat mindlessly, we can listen to our body’s messages, identify what foods our body needs, and guess when we are hungry and when we are full,” she says .

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Some FAQs

Should I Meditate Before or After a Workout?

Meditation and exercise are easy to mix; You can meditate either before or after your training. There is no “one size fits all” rule, you can choose the approach you find more convenient. Doing meditation before a workout can help you relax and stretch your muscles.

What are the Emotional benefits of doing meditation?

Emotional benefits of meditation may include:

  • Getting a new outlook on stressful situations.
  • Build skills to manage your stress.
  • Raising self-awareness.
  • Focusing on the present.
  • Reducing negative emotions.
  • Increased imagination and creativity.
  • To increase patience and tolerance.

Can I Meditate after eating?

  • Empty stomach: It is advisable to practice meditation before meals. Chances are if you meditate after having a meal you can skip it. Also, if you are very hungry, avoid starving and practice meditation after two hours of your meal.

What are the Disadvantages of Meditation?

  • It can inspire negative thinking. This may not sound so optimistic to you.
  • Your sensory perception may change.
  • Inspiration can go out the window.
  • You can re-live negative memories and feelings.
  • You may experience some physical side effects.
  • It can harm your sense of self.
  • You can be antisocial.


Meditation is kind of boon for human beings. It is not a new practice to this world, its been from the ancient ages. Indian saints and sadhus practice meditation from early ages. Meditation undoubtedly keeps your mental as well as physical health fit and fresh. Eating Fresh fruits and vegetables keeps you motivated to do meditation.

Start meditating, even for short intervals on daily basis. Once it becomes habit you will feel energized throughout the day. Meditation keeps you fit. You will be more productive.

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