Best and Simple Habits That Help You Live Longer
Best and Simple Habits That Will Help You Live Longer

Best and Simple Habits That Science Says Will Help You Live Longer

Best and Simple Habits That Science Says Will Help You Live Longer

Best and Simple Habits That Will Help You Live Longer
Best and Simple Habits That Will Help You Live Longer

We asked medical experts about the most powerful things you can do to live longer and really enjoy your golden years to stay healthy. Science has many best and simple proved habits which says that will help you live longer. In the hectic world always look for good habits which helps in stable and longer life.

Laugh Out Loud

Best and Simple Habits That  Will Help You Live Longer
Best and Simple Habits That Will Help You Live Longer

Laughter may actually be the best medicine. Science has confirmed the old saying and found that having a sense of humor can also help to advance your life. A recent study in Norway found that among more than 53,000 people over 15 years, women scoring high for humor on a cognitive questionnaire had a 48 percent lower risk of all-cause death.

Researchers believe that deep laughter can actually be a form of exercise that reduces arterial stiffness and helps your heart.

MedicalsWorld Tips:  Laughing improves blood sugar in diabetic patients and helps cancer-fighting NK cells. And yes, laughter is a big stress buster.

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Plant some Plants

When you cannot live in nature, bring nature to you for green health benefits. A study at the University of Georgia found that five ornamental plants, including English ivy, waxy-leaved plants and ferns, reduced the amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in indoor air.

The authors of the study say that these pollutants can lead to health problems ranging from cancer to neurological disorders and up to 1.6 million deaths a year. Therefore, filling your house with plants can possibly reduce the risk of these deadly diseases.

MedicalsWorld Tips: Greenery is always the best good friend for humans for generations. People living around green plants tends to live longer and fresh.

Do Not Smoke

You probably already know the secret of how to live longer. “Quitting smoking is one of the most important actions a person can perform regardless of age,” Dr. Jani. According to the CDC, it is the leading cause of death and almost all serious health problems in the United States, from heart disease to cancer.

“Not to mention smoking, the faster wrinkles get!” Dr. Jani says. Additionally, “virtually smoking causes internal damage to your genetic code, blood vessels, and many organ systems.” And while the vapor can be used as a smoking cessation device, the jury is still unsure why it is better not to start it.

MedicalsWorld Tips: Smoking always kills Smoker. Moreover, passive smoker (inactive smoker) are always on the list of attack by Active smoker. Just Stop smoking. The warning sign on cigarette is always right and proved. Take it seriously.

Drink Alcohol in moderation

Drinking heavy alcohol increases your health risk, but moderate alcohol especially red wine can help you live longer. One study found that people who drank lightly (one glass a day for women and no more than two for men) had a lower risk of dying from heart disease.

According to Polinsky-Wade, alcohol can improve blood lipid levels and reduce the risk of dementia. Look at these signs, you can be 100 years old.

MedicalsWorld Tips: Red wine contains small amounts of an antioxidant called resveratrol.  It is good for overall health, cardiovascular protection and inflammation reduction.

Go for a Run

Best and Simple Habits That  Will Help You Live Longer
Best and Simple Habits That Will Help You Live Longer

Of all the things you’ve heard about staying longer, exercise is the most important. Aerobic activities such as running to get your blood pumped and your heart working are important. A recent study showed that a one-hour run adds seven hours to your life, up to four hours a week.

The study states that the risk of death in people walking is reduced by 25 to 40 percent and survives for three years. Of course, people who run are normally healthy, but running has its own health benefits.

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Running helps burn blood sugar or keep it normal

MedicalsWorld Tips: This is important because the kidneys, eyes, nerves and blood vessels remain health. Running also controls blood pressure, increases lung capacity, reduces stress and increases bone density.

Less Stress

The effects of stress on our general health are immense. Therefore, reducing stress is one way to reduce the risk of many fatal diseases. A University of California study has found that long-term stressed women have significantly less clothing, a hormone that regulates the aging process.

Stress increased the risk of heart attack and stroke.

According to Dr. Jani “Stress causes chemical changes in the body that lead to the release of more harmful particles, so-called free radicals that cause organ damage, which leads to increased blood pressure, emotional changes and genes causing damage.

There is an increase in “chances of cancer or psoriasis. “Oh! Reducing stress can help improve sleep and interpersonal relationships, reduce excessive drug and alcohol use, and reduce stress hormones.

MedicalsWorld Tips: Reducing stress and living tension free life leads to increased in productivity and positive life. Health will be diseases free and always refreshed.

Pumping Weight

While you may think that aerobic exercise you have to do to be physically active, incorporating weight training into your routine will help you live longer. A recent study by Penn State showed that adults who did strength training twice a week had a lower risk of death.

“Strength training leads to increased lean muscle, which increases resting metabolism, improves balance, protects our joints and strengthens our muscles and bones,” says Hopper. You can use your own weights (resistance training), bands, weight training, free weights or weight equipment to get the benefits. KD J, director of clinical and research physiology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Stewart said.

MedicalsWorld Tips: Strength training is important to give strength and endurance to muscles to enable the body during daily training activities.

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Eat more Fruits and Vegetables regularly

Best and Simple Habits That  Will Help You Live Longer
Best and Simple Habits That Will Help You Live Longer

The research is clear: If you want to live longer, eat more fruits and vegetables. A recent study by Imperial College London found that people who eat 10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day were at greatest risk for the disease.

The authors of the study estimate that if people eat so many fruits and vegetables, 7.8 million deaths can be prevented each year worldwide but even small amounts are beneficial for long life. “Vitamins, minerals and most importantly, fiber help control satiety, so you shouldn’t eat as much as an animal diet,” Komar says.

MedicalsWorld Tips: Fruits and Vegetables also promotes bowel function regularly, which helps your digestive system to function properly. It has been found that high-fiber diets lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer, such as colon cancer.

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Eat more Vegetable Protein

People who ate a diet high in processed meats such as sausage and hot dog were at higher risk of death but those who got their protein from plants were at a lower risk, especially in cardiac death.

“The study found that every 3 percent increase in calories from plant protein reduced the risk of death by 10 percent,” said RD Shayna Komar, a nutritionist at Piedmont Healthcare.

Unlike animal proteins, plant-based proteins can help lower the risk of low blood pressure, heart disease, and reduce the risk of cancer, she says.

MedicalsWorld Tips: Vegetable proteins provide all nine amino acids that the body cannot produce on its own.

Get more Sun – but not too much

No one thinks about how long the benefits of “sun vitamin” vitamin D should live. It has been shown to fight disease, improve bone health and overcome depression.

One study also found that lifespan (of a worm, but still) increased by 33 percent. But because vitamin D comes from the sun and our modern life does not allow us to spend a lot of time outside, we cannot get enough.

MedicalsWorld Tips: Skin cancer concerns are reasonable, and sunscreen is usually a good idea. 15 to 30 minutes of sun exposure per day should be sufficient for vitamin D production. Not by sunbathing, of course, but wearing normal clothes outside.

Drink Enough

To the relief of caffeine lovers everywhere, here’s how you can stay longer without sacrificing your favorite drink. Your daily cups that can actually have health benefits that can extend your life.

Some research suggests that moderate coffee consumption can fight type 2 diabetes and even reduce your risk of dementia and heart disease.

MedicalsWorld Tips: A Harvard study found that people who drank coffee regularly had a lower risk of death. Coffee stimulates the nervous system, increases metabolism, and increases oxidation of fatty acids, which can help with weight loss.

Eat Nuts

Best and Simple Habits That  Will Help You Live Longer
Best and Simple Habits That Will Help You Live Longer

While you may think that nuts are unhealthy because they are high in calories, the opposite is true they actually play an important role in helping you live longer. Other research has shown that walnuts play a huge role in heart health because of the amount of antioxidants in it.

Scientists at USDA scientist Barbara Shukit-Hale, PhD at the Neuroscience and Aging Laboratory at the USDA / Human Nutrition Research Center at Toots University, say they can also benefit brain health.

Nuts are a great source of vegetable protein

MedicalsWorld Tips: A Harvard study found that daily nut-eaters were 20 percent less likely to die during the study. In particular, mortality from cancer, heart disease, and respiratory diseases has decreased.

Some Extra Tips

Turmeric has incredible anti-inflammatory properties that can help fight joint pain and promote a healthy heart.

“Inflammation can speed up the aging process, so anything that reduces inflammation can slow it down.”

Pump your Pepper Intake

A recent study found that people who eat hot chili peppers die 13 percent less than those who do not. Although the link does not prove cause and effect, some properties of bell pepper have some health benefits. “Thanks to capsaicin, they occur, chilies can reduce blood pressure.

MedicalsWorld Tips: Elevated blood pressure is a risk factor for stroke, heart disease, and even dementia. Therefore, regular consumption may reduce this risk.

Be Generous and Support others

Connecting with other people is a great stress reliever that can help with your long-term health. And the best way to reap these benefits is to focus on yourself, but not on others. “A study of an older population has shown that people who help and support others live longer. “It was not with those who were merely recipients of care and assistance.”

MedicalsWorld Tips: In addition to reducing stress, helping others can reduce inflammation, a precursor to the disease.

Think Positively

It has also been shown that a positive outlook on life usually extends lifespan. A recent Harvard study looked at how optimism affected various health problems and found that the most optimistic people had a 16 percent lower risk of death from cancer and a 38 percent lower risk of death from heart and respiratory disease and a 39 percent.

Always think Positive, Stay Positive and feel Positive

The risk percentage had a lower risk of dying from a stroke.

MedicalsWorld Tips: Researchers believe that having a positive attitude increases the likelihood that you will engage in healthy behaviors such as exercise and eating right. But it can also be associated with lower levels of inflammation.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

We live busy lives and the part of our day that is often interrupted is sleep. But if you really want more days in your life, then you need enough eyes. “People should aim to get at least seven to eight hours of good sleep every night – lowers the immune system,” Dr. Sonya W. Thomas, Family Medicine Doctor at PIH Health.`

Studies show that poor sleep can lead to all kinds of health problems, from obesity and heart disease to depression, according to sleep expert Richard Shane, the inventor of Sleep Expert. Good sleep can help with your energy level, cognitive function and personal relationships. “So not only do you live longer, you feel good and live a better life,” Dr. Shane.

MedicalsWorld Tips: Good sleep can help reverse all these harmful effects that can help you live longer.

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Stay Young at Heart

Best and Simple Habits That  Will Help You Live Longer
Best and Simple Habits That Will Help You Live Longer

You are only as old as you feel, and you can potentially live longer when you feel younger. Research from University College London found that people who felt younger than three years of age had lower mortality rates than people who were older or older.

How healthy Diagel described our attitude towards aging on Harvard’s health blog. “When people see themselves as old, they give up physical challenges that seem tough, like ‘I don’t think I should ski anymore, I’m an old man,” he says. “When we feel old, we treat food as ‘I won’t be long, I can enjoy that’ approach that can eat us unhealthily.”

MedicalsWorld Tips: Keeping Yourself young and energetic is everyone’s wish. Never say I am too old to do any work. Keep on saying yourself I am young and I can do it very easily.

Don’t Sit all Day

Even if you do not feel like you are ready to adopt a fitness program on a large scale, any exercise can extend your life. A recent study found that just 10 minutes of light activity a day even simple things like walking around the house or doing housework can reduce the risk of death. On the other hand, Hooper states that inactivity can be just as bad for you as smoking.

“It is a lack of muscle stimulation, even a lack of standing or walking every hour or two, including cardiovascular disease, an increased risk of diabetes and many forms of cancer such as breast and colon can have deadly effects is Says Dr. Stewart.

MedicalsWorld Tips: Sitting throughout the day slows down the body’s metabolism, which burns fewer calories and can increase blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Eat Berries

Berries are considered to be one of the best sources of antioxidants that can help prevent cell damage in old age. Berry fruits have received considerable attention due to their high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory phytochemicals.

Phytochemicals in Berries can alter cell function by reducing oxidative and inflammatory stress factors.

Their bioactive properties can prevent or delay brain aging. “In other words, they can help prevent age-related cognitive decline.

MedicalsWorld Tips: Berries are useful nutrient for any aged person. Berries can be taken any time. Eating berries is one of the Best and Simple Habits That Will Help You Live Longer.

Keep your Brain Active

Your brain also requires some exercise, so exercise mentally to reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Studies have shown that stimulating the brain improves long-term cognitive functions. “The best way to keep your brain active and sharp is to practice activities that will center the mind,” Dr. Jani.

“Constantly learning new things or expanding your knowledge in your job also helps a lot.” Dr. Dewar also explains social engagements, hobbies and puzzles.

MedicalsWorld Tips: Solving the problem keeps the mind moving. Solve some tricky problems, play mindful games. Engage in mental related problems. Brain is the most important part of body. Keeping your mind active , makes your life healthy.

Keep Friendship

Best and Simple Habits That  Will Help You Live Longer
Best and Simple Habits That Will Help You Live Longer

People who connect with others in a meaningful way are more likely to have longevity, Drs. Sepala. “Strong social relationships predict longevity chances at 50 percent,” she says. “Research has shown that connecting meaningfully with others helps us enjoy better mental and physical health, and also helps us recover from illness.

A historical study from the University of Michigan found an increased risk of death among people with low amounts and quality of social relationships.

MedicalsWorld Tips: Social relationships are associated with many health benefits, including positive emotions and improved immune function. Always keep good relations, maintain distance with negative relations.

Follow the Japanese Way of Eating

In addition to stopping lots of vegetables and fish, stop eating before eating a tradition known in Japan as “Hara Hachi Boo“. According to a recent study, food works for Japanese people who have the highest life expectancy in the world.

In addition, “try a bitter melon that has been promoting the health of the Okinawan diet for centuries,” Komar says. “This is notable because Okinawa’s elderly are the healthiest elderly population in the world.”

MedicalsWorld Tips: Japanese foods and its way of eating is poplar due to its proved scientific reasons. Japanese foods include all the essential nutrients and vitamins. Try Japanese way for some time, results will be clearly visible.

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To have Sex

Although we have some barriers to sex by age (vaginal dryness in women, erectile dysfunction in men), more activity can help extend our lives. “People who remain sexually active in old age live longer”.

While this may be because healthy people have more sex, research has shown some specific health benefits for the act. It releases oxytocin (“feel-good hormone”), reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and helps you sleep.

MedicalsWorld Tips: A study has also shown that orgasm reduces the risk of prostate cancer. It means being physically competent and active, which enhances longevity. It also usually represents meaningful, positive emotional relationships that help improve quality and quantity of life.

Take Care of your Teeth

The position of your teeth can be a reflection of your overall health, so brushing and flossing your teeth daily can help extend your life. Studies have shown a link between poor oral health and the risk of death, and gum disease has also been linked to oral cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. “There is a relationship, but it is complex and not fully understood,” Dr. Dewar.

Healthy teeth reduce the amount of bad bacteria in the body and also allow us to take a more complete and varied diet all of which improve your health.”

Skip Soda

Unexpectedly, soda does not help extend your life. Intake of soda and other sweetened beverages was associated with a higher likelihood of metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. “Your body will work better for you if you fill it well, and drinking sugary beverages can be a very sluggish slope because it is good fuel,” says Komar.

In addition to sugar, it can be high in sodium, additives, chemicals, and dyes. “There is also strong evidence that sugary soft drinks contribute to the development of diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and heart disease,” she says. Soda can also damage tooth enamel.

MedicalsWorld Tips: Soda has many side effects on body. There has been many instances of bad effects of soda on body. Children and young people should always stay away from it.

Eat Clean and healthy

Overall, the best strategy for a long-lasting diet is to eat “clean” with as many natural foods as possible. “When you think about eating clean, eating in its natural form can contribute to longevity,” Komar says. “Vegetables that are full of yellow, oranges and greens.

Lots of fresh herbs and spices including turmeric, garlic, ginger, and cinnamon. Meat, dairy products and all processed meats are consumed in very small amounts, if any. Plenty of berries, but overall fruit in moderation.

MedicalsWorld Tips: The most Best and Simple Habits That Will Help You Live Longer is to eat clean and healthy. This will boost your health and life. 

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Science is only beginning to realize the health benefits of cultivating the mind-body connection, including the ancient practice of meditation. A University of California study found that after spending three months on a meditation retreat, participants experienced a 30 percent increase in enzymes that help protect against cell damage and aging.

Recent research has confirmed these results. “A fascinating new study of loving-kindness meditation a practice that cultivates love and altruism towards others shows that those who practice it have reduced cellular aging,” Dr. Sepala. Additionally, Drs. Jani stated that improvement in the brain’s ability to concentrate can have a major impact.

Sing Songs

Best and Simple Habits That  Will Help You Live Longer
Best and Simple Habits That Will Help You Live Longer

Go ahead and sing the song of your heart if you do you can live longer. A study in cancer patients found that singing can boost immune function, and another study found that singers’ deep breaths improved heart rate.

Like a band or choir, singing with others also gives you the benefit of a social connection a study in Finland has shown that singing the choir has a positive effect on the quality of life of older adults, which is an optimal Level is what promotes work.

Not a great singer? Research suggests that listening to music can help reduce stress, improve cognitive functions, and reduce heart rate.

MedicalsWorld Tips: Singing and humming around with favorite songs surely gives boost in the body and increases blood flow. It provides mental relaxation and helps in removing mental stress and unwanted things from mind.


Laughing out loud sometimes, making out with friends, hanging with near and dear ones, eating fresh and nutrient foods, loving elder ones and children, exercising as per requirement are some of the best and very simple habits for healthy life.

Never ever be addicted to unhealthy and rubbish habits. It brings negativity for you. 

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