Healthy Balanced Diet Nutrition and it's Importance (2020)

Healthy Balanced Diet Nutrition and it’s Importance (2020)

Healthy Balanced Diet Nutrition and it’s Importance (2020)

Healthy Balanced diet Nutrition and it’s Importance (2020) is easier said than done. There are some things in life that seem simpler than they actually are. A healthy balanced diet nutrition and it’s importance falls into this category.

The society we live in encourages people to eat fast food and lead an unhealthy lifestyle.

Healthy Balanced Diet Nutrition and it's Importance (2020)
Healthy Balanced Diet Nutrition and it’s Importance (2020)

From this point on, it is quite difficult to find a healthy way out. It is easy to begin a healthy eating regime, but it is even more difficult to continue with that regime.

In this article, we’re going to give you a information in  detail about Healthy Balanced Diet Nutrition and it’s Importance (2020).

A balanced diet provides sufficient nutrients and energy for good health and proper weight maintenance. An ideally balanced food contains minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, fiber, fats and proteins in the right proportions.

What is a balanced diet?

A balanced diet nutrition provides sufficient nutrients and energy for good health and proper weight maintenance. An ideally balanced food contains minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, fiber, fats and proteins in the right proportions.

An unbalanced diet leads to malnutrition and a host of other nutritional deficiencies. Adequate diet burns excess fat from the body, promoting healthy weight loss. A  healthy balanced diet also contains small amounts of other minerals, so-called micronutrients, which play a specific role in metabolic reactions.

Eating habits and habits determine your long-term health and your immediate state of mind. Balanced weight loss programs improve your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

A balanced diet gives your body the nutrients it needs to function properly. To get the nutrition you need, most of your daily calories should come from:

  • Fresh fruits
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Full grain
  • Legumes
  • Nuts
  • Lean proteins

American dietary guidelines trust how much of each nutrient you should be consuming on a daily basis.

About balanced diet Calories

The number of calories in a food relates to the amount of energy stored in that food. Your body uses calories from food for breathing, thinking, walking and basically all other important functions.

The average person needs around 2,000 calories a day to maintain their weight. However, the amount depends on their age, gender, and physical activity level.

Men tend to need more calories than women, and people who exercise need more calories than people who don’t.

Current Guidelines Trusted Source lists the following calorie intakes for men and women of different ages:

Person Calorie requirements
Seated children: 2–8 years 1,000–1,400
Active children: 2–8 years 1,000–2,000
Women: 9–13 years 1,400–2,200
Men: 9–13 years 1,600–2,600
Active Women: 14–30 years 2,400-2600
Seated females: 14–30 years 1,800–2,000
Active men: 14–30 years 2,800–3,200
Seated males: 14–30 years 2,000–2,600
Active people: 30 years and over 2,000–3,000
Seated people: 30 years and over 1,600–2,400

The source of your daily calories is also important. Foods that provide mostly calories and very little nutrition are known as “empty calories”.

Examples of foods that provide empty calories are:

  • Cakes, cookies and donuts
  • Healthy Balanced Diet Nutrition and it's Importance (2020)
    Baked Cookies








  • Processed meat
  • Energy drinks and sodas
  • Fruit drinks with added sugar
  • Ice
  • French fries and chips
  • Lemonades
  • Pizza
Healthy Balanced Diet Nutrition and it's Importance (2020)









However, it’s not just the type of food, but the ingredients that make it nutritious.

A homemade whole grain pizza with lots of fresh vegetables can be a healthy choice. In contrast, prepackaged pizzas and other highly processed foods often contain empty calories.

To maintain your health, limit your consumption of empty calories and instead try to get your calories from foods that are rich in other nutrients.


Calories are a measure of the energy that foods provide. The number of calories you need depends on your gender, age, and activity level.

Balance Your Life – Having a Balanced Diet Nutrient

Why Balanced Diet nutrition is important and what are it’s advantages?

Healthy Balanced Diet Nutrition Importance

A balanced diet provides the nutrients your body needs to function effectively. Without a balanced diet, your body is more prone to illness, infections, fatigue and poor performance.

Children who do not receive enough healthy food can face growth and development problems, poor school performance, and frequent infections.

You can also develop unhealthy eating habits that can persist into adulthood.

Without exercise, they are also at greater risk of obesity and various diseases that make up metabolic syndrome, such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, 5 of the top 10 causes of death in the US are directly related to diet.

These are:

  • Cancer
  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Many Other Illness

A proper balanced diet is your key to health and fitness. Excess amount of any nutrient can be very harmful for the body, and low amount of any essential component can also increase the risk of acquiring many diseases.

It is quite interesting to note that, without increasing your weight notably also you can increase the risk of getting many ailments.

Advantages of Balanced Diet Nutrition

There is no doubt that having balanced diet nutrition in life is directly related to advantages of healthy life. It eradicates many illness and many long term diseases. Below are listed some of important such advantages:

Prevention against colon cancer

If your diet constitutes of high saturated fats and cholesterol then your colon (part of the digestive system) will give them the surface to accumulate gradually. The extreme condition will result in colon cancer.

So it is important that you maintain a healthy diet in order to prevent such diseases. Most dietitians will recommend a balanced diet which does not incorporate too much of fats irrespective of your body weight.

Prevention of high blood pressure

Too much of fats will naturally affect your blood pressure. Let us think of it in this way, if any heavy or dense liquid is mixed with running water, then naturally the density of water will rise and the flow will no more be smooth.

Similarly when fatty oils and fatty acids, the end products of fat digestion flow in the blood, the flow of blood will be difficult causing pressure on the blood vessels through which it would flow.

In this way blood pressure will rise and in later stages can cause blockage in many important vessels and risk of heart diseases increase along with this.

Prevention against diabetes

Intake of carbohydrates more than required can cause diabetes mellitus in you. The end product of carbohydrates is glucose, which can give rise to hyperglycemia which will ultimately result in diabetes.

On the other hand if you are reducing the intake of carbohydrates it can lead to a condition called hypoglycemia, so make sure you go for a balanced diet which gives the right amount of everything.

Prevention of many illnesses

With a proper well planned diet you can ensure that you are not becoming a victim of malnutrition. A deficiency in protein can cause kwashiorkor in many children which hampers their growth during the formative years.

Apart from these some of the diseases caused due to lack of nutrition are beriberi, scurvy and colorblindness and many more. So it is very important to have a well balanced diet.

Stay in shape

Lastly the cosmetic part of a balanced diet can not be denied. If you want to stay fit and beautiful, you should maintain a balanced diet.

So the above 5 advantages clearly states the importance of a balanced diet.


Your body needs nutrients to stay healthy, and foods provide important nutrients that keep us from getting sick.

What consists of balanced diet nutrition and what to eat?

A healthy, balanced diet usually includes the following nutrients:

  • Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • Carbohydrates, including starch and fiber
  • Protein
  • Healthy fats

A balanced diet includes a variety of foods from the following groups:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Grains
  • Dairy
  • Protein foods

Examples of protein foods are meat, eggs, fish, beans, nuts, and legumes.

People who follow a vegan diet focus exclusively on plant-based foods.

They don’t eat meat, fish, or dairy products, but their diet includes other products that provide similar nutrients.

For example, tofu and beans are vegetable sources of protein. Some people are intolerant to dairy products, but can still build a balanced diet by choosing a variety of nutrient-rich substitutes.

Food to avoid

Foods that a healthy diet should avoid or limit include:

  • Highly processed foods
  • Refined grains
  • Added sugar and salt
  • Red and processed meat
  • Alcohol

Healthy Balanced Diet Nutrition and it's Importance (2020)

  • Trans fats

What is healthy for one person may not be suitable for another.

Whole grain flour can be a healthy ingredient for many people, but is not suitable for people with a gluten intolerance, for example.

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Healthy Balanced Diet Nutrition and it's Importance (2020)
Fruit Salad Heart Fresh Healthy

Fruits are nutritious, they make a delicious snack or dessert, and they can satisfy a sweet tooth.

Local fruits that are in season are fresher and provide more nutrients than imported fruits.

Fruits are high in sugar, but that sugar is natural. Unlike sweets and many sweet desserts, fruits also provide fiber and other nutrients. This means they are less likely to cause a sugar spike and improve the body’s supply of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

If you have diabetes, your doctor or nutritionist can advise you on which fruits to choose, how much to eat, and when.

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Healthy Balanced Diet Nutrition and it's Importance (2020)
Green Vegetables

Vegetables are an important source of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Eat a variety of vegetables of different colors for a wide range of nutrients.

Dark leafy vegetables are an excellent source of many nutrients. They include:

  • Spinach
  • Kale
  • green beans
  • Broccoli
  • Collard Greens
  • Swiss chard

Local seasonal vegetables are often inexpensive and easy to prepare. Use them in the following ways:

  • As a side dish
  • Roasted in a tray with a dash of olive oil
  • As a basis for soups, stews and pasta dishes
  • As a salad
  • In purees
  • In Juices and smoothies


Healthy Balanced Diet Nutrition and it's Importance (2020)
Grain Chilies Paprika

Refined white flour is found in many breads and baked goods, but has limited nutritional value. This is because much of the goodness resides in the hull of the grain, or the outer casing, which manufacturers remove during processing.

Whole grain products include all of the grain, including the hull. They provide additional vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Many people also find that whole grains add flavor and texture to a dish.

Try switching from white bread, pasta, and rice to whole grains.

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Meat and beans are primary sources of protein that are essential for wound healing and the maintenance and development of muscles, among other things.

Animal protein

Healthy animal-based options include:

  • Red meat such as beef and mutton
  • Poultry such as chicken and turkey
  • Fish, including salmon, sardines, and other fatty fish
Healthy Balanced Diet Nutrition and it's Importance (2020)
Fresh Meat Red Sirloin Raw
Healthy Balanced Diet Nutrition and it's Importance (2020)
Grill Dish Plate Salmon Fish Gourmet Grilled Fish

Processed meat and red meat can increase your risk of cancer and other diseases, according to some research by Trusted Source.

Some processed meats also contain lots of additional preservatives and salt. Fresh, unprocessed meat is the best option.

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Vegetable protein

Nuts, beans, and soy products are good sources of protein, fiber, and other nutrients.

Examples include:

  • Lenses
  • Beans
  • Peas
  • Almonds
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Walnuts
Healthy Balanced Diet Nutrition and it’s Importance (2020)
Vegetarian Pulses
Healthy Balanced Diet Nutrition and it’s Importance (2020)
Food Nutrition Brown Nuts Diet Ingredient Health

Tempeh, Tofu and other soy-based products are excellent sources of protein and healthy alternatives to meat.

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Dairy products provide important nutrients, including:

They also contain fat. If you want to limit your fat intake, reduced fat options may be best. Your doctor can help you decide.

For those on a vegan diet, many non-dairy dairy products and other milk alternatives are now available made from:

  • Flax seed
  • Almonds and cashew nuts
  • Soy
  • Oats
  • Coconut

These are often fortified with calcium and other nutrients, making them great alternatives to dairy products from cows. Some have added sugar so read the label carefully when choosing.

Fats and oils

Fat is important for energy and cell health, but too much fat can increase calories beyond what the body needs and can lead to weight gain.

In the past, guidelines recommended avoiding saturated fats because of concerns that they would raise cholesterol.

Recent research from Trusted Source suggests that partial unsaturated fat substitution lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease, and that some saturated fat should be left in the diet – about 10 percent or less of the calories.

However, trans fats should still be avoided.

Recommendations about fats can sometimes be difficult to follow, but a Trusted Source scientist suggested the following guideline:

Fats to

  • Love: vegetable oils and fish oils
  • Be limited: butter, cheese and cream
  • Lose: trans fats used in many processed and prepackaged foods, such as donuts

Most experts consider olive oil a healthy fat, especially extra virgin olive oil, which is the least processed.

Fried foods are often high in calories but low in nutritional value. You should therefore eat them sparingly.


A balanced diet includes foods from the following groups: fruits, vegetables, dairy products, grains, and protein.

A healthy diet combines all of the above nutrients and food groups, but you also need to balance them out.

A handy way to remember how much of each food group to eat is the plate method. The USDA initiative “ChooseMyPlate” recommends:

  • Half of your plate should be filled with vegetables and fruits
  • Fill a little more than a quarter with grain
  • Fill almost a quarter with protein foods
  • Adding dairy products to the side (or a substitute for non-dairy products)

Individual needs vary, however, so the USDA also provides an interactive tool called “MyPlate Plan” that you can use to enter your own details to find out your personal needs.

Aim to get around half of your food from fruits and vegetables, around a quarter from protein, and a quarter from whole grains and starches.

Bottom line

A varied and healthy diet usually includes plenty of fresh, plant-based foods and limits your intake of processed foods.

If you have any questions about your diet, or if you feel like you need to lose weight or change your eating habits, make an appointment with your doctor or nutritionist.

They can suggest diet changes that will help you get the nutrition you need while promoting your overall health.


Always have a great diet. Little addition of healthy balanced diet in your daily routine will surely bring the best results on your health.

Whether it is child, adult or aged person, healthy balanced diet is always required for health.

Think of the benefits, more energy, sharper thinking, just feeling good!

Yes, it is possible to make eating a balanced diet easy. It’s not so much to do with the tummy. It really starts in the mind!

Thanks for reading , please do comments and read out my other articles as well.