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Migraine and Headache-My Own Experience and 10 things to know

Migraine and Headache-My Own Experience and 10 things to know

 Migraine and Headache-My Own Experience and 10 things to know


Migraine and Headache is thought to be very small problem but if it is ignored over the period of time it becomes a big disease and hard to live with. In this blog, I am going to share about Migraine and Headache- My own Experience and 10 things to know in better way. Anyone should never feel it as life threatening problem otherwise it will behave in the same way. 

I conservatively estimated that two migraines a month for 32 years, I had more than 300 attacks (again, it’s conservative because there are mild ones that I manage to control and that don’t count as a full-blown attack).

Each of these migraine represents a day when I had to stop living my life, cancelled plans, days spent in bed or a flexible one-year spending account wiped out in one trip to the emergency room. 

I fully realize that there are a myriad of illnesses and diseases that attack lives and rob us. My intention is not to minimize the pain experienced by others or to elevate one disease over another. 

I hope to shed light on a debilitating disease that has no visible symptoms.

Here are some facts about Migraine and Headache that will convince you that someone you know needs you to understand and be gracious.

Migraine or Headache is attacked to almost one in four American household person.

Migraine is the third most common disease in the world.

It is the sixth most disabling disease in the world.

While most people suffer from seizures once or twice a month, more than 4 million people suffer from chronic migraine daily, with at least 15 days of migraine per month.

Over 90% of sufferers are unable to work or function normally during their Migraine.

This is the story of migraines and here are 10 things people with Migraines and Headache must know.

Number 1

It’s not a headache. Honestly, calling a migraine a headache is like cutting my hand and asking, “How’s this little cut?” 

A migraine is a complex set of symptoms characterized mainly by pain on one side of the head, neck and face. 

But it is much more than just a headache and involves stressing blood vessels in the brain. 

The pain is weakening and even a mild migraine can lead to nausea, anxiety, irritability, loss of concentration and an inability to think or speak coherently. 

Note- Never take migraine or headache for granted. As a small drop of continuous water can break stone, a small ignored pain in the head can cost you a lot, mentally and many other causes.

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Number 2

When a migraine attack strikes, it’s like an assault on the whole body, not just a headache. 

Chills, tremors, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound are also common symptoms. 

Continuing a normal day in a normal environment becomes torture during an episode of migraine.

Note- Examine the symptoms carefully, observe and react in the possible way.

Number 3

Migraine headaches range from mild (I’m still working and I’m talking to you, but my head is pounding and I can’t think straight) to severe (I can’t stand, speak or walk). 

Please understand that we do our best when we get hit by one, but even if we don’t call the sick or go to the hospital, we still suffer.

Note- Feel the pain of migraine sufferers, help them in coping the pain.

Number 4

A migraine hangover is one thing. After an attack which can range from several hours to several days the victim may need time to recover. 

A migraine can take everything away. Even when the pain and nausea go away, you will be exhausted, need sleep, a hot meal, and probably won’t feel 100% for a few days.

You can easily see how a person with chronic migraines is never fully at their best.

Note-Let sufferers feel the pain and take their own time in overcoming the pain. It will be sooner or later, it will take its own time.

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Number 5

Smelling Lavender essential oil, a fresh cloth and a little Ibuprofen will not really help a full-blown migraine. 

These are great remedies for a bad tension headache, but a migraine is triggered by changes in the blood vessels and the only thing that will stop a raging migraine is a prescription medication or treatment by a doctor. 

Sometimes, if caught early, migraines can be stopped or alleviated by these strategies, but once in their own right, don’t get angry when your friend can be out of service for days or make fun of your home remedy.

Note-Migraine can be depressed by using some very easy and effective methods. Use best natural methods for easing migraine.

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Number 6

Many, many things can trigger a migraine, and the combination of triggers is different for everyone. 

  • Weather Changes
  • Hormones
  • Smells
  • Food sensitivity
  • Lack of Sleep or Exercise
  • Stress  are all common triggers. 

Don’t roll your eyes or make fun of a colleague who is on a strict Diet

Migraine is a neurological disease with extremely debilitating neurological symptoms.

Note-Every human has it’s own body functions, sensitivity and way of reacting. Respect them.

Number 7

Over-The-Counter (and even prescription) pain relievers will not stop or relieve migraines

This can take the edge so you can sleep or go to the emergency room, but the root of the problem needs to be addressed. 

The blood vessels open and the nerve endings are ravaged by the pain caused by too much blood circulation and hyper inflammation, and until these problems are treated, the migraine can continue for days.

Note- Drugs are made for making life better, but this may not be true in each and every case. Understand and follow the Simple rules.

Number 8

She has probably tried everything (I say this because the majority of migraine sufferers are women), but if you have a suggestion, love it. 

I have tried all of the following solutions in no particular order; niacin, blood pressure medication, exercise, physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, caffeine, no caffeine, dietary changes, stretching, magnesium, lavender, chamomile, peppermint, vitamin B complex, detox diets, neurologists, acupuncture, and a low histamine diet.

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To date, the only things that have mitigated the attacks, in frequency and severity, are the last two.

It does not exaggerate the pain. My friend did not fully understand what a migraine was until he started to have it regularly. 

Although I don’t want to have one on my worst enemy (if I actually had the worst enemy), I’m reassured that he understands now and takes really good care of himself.

Note- Everyone has it’s own process of reacting things. Do not run after the short term healing processes. Understand your body needs and acquire the best possible solutions.

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Number 9

They are often unpredictable. During my 30s, I could expect at least one migraine a month. 

It did not help them, but I knew how to wait for one and plan my life according to my possibilities. 

The only advice that medical professionals give to people with migraines is to avoid triggers. Because the triggers change and we can’t live our life in a bubble (I’m trying, however believe me!)

We can’t always avoid the triggers. Triggers are also based on a tipping point. 

I may be able to do certain things or eat certain foods one day, but if a few triggers add up and a perfect storm is brewing, my advice for the body and the results of migraines

Please show us grace and understand when we say no to something; it is not because we are rude or selfish, it is because we know that our body is at the tipping point.

Note-Triggers are the main responsible for migraines and headache. 

We have to leave our some of the lovable habits in order to finish the headache and migraine problem. 

They are not easy to do but we have to do for better life.

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 Number 10

It is humiliating to have to justify how bad we feel. Migraine has no visible symptoms unless I’m throwing up my guts – so having to plead for a break or coming home early from work when it doesn’t “look like you’re sick” is embarrassing

Note- Respect people, their pain, their emotions. People are good but the time they are going through might not be good. 

Headache or migraine is not the acquired problem by own choice. Accept it, Respect it and treat it.

The vast majority of people with migraines do not seek medical care for their Pain.


According to me, Migraine and headache is very very big problem in this fast moving world. As the development of technologies and world is going on, so is the causes of headache and migraine for humans. 
Any one having migraine and headache should not be ignored, made fun for their activities.
Outside they may be looking happy and perfect but deep inside they are in huge pressure.
Migraine and headache should always be accepted and treated in the best possible way. 
This is abot Migraine and Headache-My Own Experience and ten things to know.

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