The Worst and Best Food for your Teeth
The Worst and Best Food for your Teeth

The Worst and Best Food For Your Teeth

The Worst and Best Food for your Teeth

The Worst and Best Food for your Teeth
The Worst and Best Food for your Teeth

Even though the number of cavities has decreased considerably in the last decades, a large number of people, especially children and adolescents are still suffering from this health problem. Here is a roundup of the worst and best foods for your teeth.

To prevent tooth decay, your dentist may have asked you to brush your teeth repeatedly and go to the dentist regularly. But do you know that diet also plays an important role in determining your oral health

Soft Drinks

In addition to promoting obesity, carbonated drinks are one of the worst foods for your teeth. Rich in acids and sugar, soft drinks attack the enamel of your teeth. If you drink it regularly, you will put your teeth at risk of tooth erosion, sensitivity and cavities.


Children know that if they do not want cavities, they should not eat too much candy. Filled with sugar, candy, especially chewy candies such as caramel, taffy, and liquorice that stick to your teeth, are especially bad for your enamel.


They may not be as sweet as candy, but crisps and crackers can be just as bad for your teeth. These starch sticks to your teeth, promoting tooth decay.

Dry Fruits

It may contain vitamins, minerals and fiber, but dry fruits can be bad for your oral health. Gummy and sweet, dry fruits are an excellent source of food for bacteria that cause tooth erosion and cavities.

Dried fruits are a double dental disaster, thanks to their sugar content and their viscosity, not the way we usually refer to eating them. Snack on dry fruits is more harmful than eating food. When you eat food, the production of saliva increases. It helps clean your teeth from stubborn food particles and prevents acid.

A good rule of thumb both for your teeth and your height is to always opt for fresh fruit.

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Alcoholic beverages

It is not the alcohol content of alcoholic beverages that is bad for your teeth the real culprit is actually sugar. When sugar in alcohol combines with bacteria in your mouth, it forms plaque, which is a major risk factor for cavities.


The Worst and Best Food for your Teeth
The Worst and Best Food for your Teeth

Tea is not the only morning staple that can ruin your pear whites. While coffee in itself has many health benefits, such as being high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, it is very acidic.

And, in addition to adding sugar to the drink, as many people do, this combination of factors can lead to blurring. It is important to make sure that you drink water with your cup of coffee to reduce the damage.

Energy drinks

According to one study, large amounts of energy drinks are not only bad for you – because of their high acidity, they can also cause “irreversible damage to the teeth”. If you consume energy drinks regularly, you are more likely to develop cavities than the average person.

Sports Drinks

After a workout, you want to replenish electrolytes and water that you have sweated, and just refuel your body. Add a sports drink that does this. But sipping on these people is not that good for your teeth, especially when you are not working then turn to these drinks.

They are high in acidity, and one study has found that the level of acidity in sports drinks can lead to tooth erosion and loss of stiffness in your teeth.

In addition, many store-bought sports drinks are secretly loaded with sugar, which you already know is not good for your teeth. Instead, try to sip a natural sports drink.

Ice cubes

Chewing an ice cube in summer can be refreshing, but it is not the best habit for your teeth. Eating pieces of ice regularly can weaken the enamel of the teeth. And a tooth with erased enamel is more susceptible to temperature changes and susceptible to cavities.

Fruit Juice

Sweet and sour, fruit juices, especially fruit cocktails and punches, are bad for your teeth. Fruit juice increases the risk of developing painful cavities due to tooth erosion.

Citrus fruits

The most commonly cited cause of dental caries is food acids, and citrus fruits are the main culprits they are as low on the pH scale as they are for food. A study published in the General Dentistry Journal looked at the effect of sour juice on oral health for 20 weeks. Lemon juice showed the most severe damage to frontal enamel, followed by grape juice, orange juice, and finally (of course) water.

You may like to dissolve lemons and other citrus fruits in water and squeeze them throughout the day, but if you are a fan of spa water, try using a straw to limit acid contact and keep your cool.

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White Bread

Looking for another great reason to stop eating white bread? Do you know that it is bad for your oral health? White bread has a habit of sticking ordinary carbs to your teeth. By prolonging their stay in the mouth, they promote tooth decay.

White Pasta

While white pasta may solve your weekday dinner dilemma, you brushed your teeth well after eating it. Why? With its viscous texture, the white paste attaches to your teeth and is difficult to remove even when working with saliva and with your tongue.

Although it is affixed to your teeth, it is a good source of food for bacteria that causes tooth decay.

Some Good foods for Teeth


Rich in Calcium and Vitamin D, milk is good for your oral health. Even though it contains lactose, a type of sugar, it still keeps cavities at bay.

However, children who suck milk from the bottle at bedtime do not receive benefits. Instead, milk causes tooth decay.


When you eat cheese, you fight tooth erosion, which is a risk factor for cavities. According to researchers, eating cheese reduces acidity in the mouth by promoting saliva production (bacteria love acidic environments).


When it comes to fighting tooth decay, yogurt is one of the best foods. Yogurt helps to re-mineralize tooth enamel, reducing oral acidity. Just make sure you choose sugar-free yogurt to enjoy it.


The Worst and Best Food for your Teeth

Although the effectiveness of cranberries in the treatment of urinary tract infections has not been universally accepted by the scientific community, this little red plum is scientifically considered one of the best anti-cavity foods.

It contains polyphenols (antioxidants) which are particularly effective in dealing with oral acidity and dental plaque. Cranberries are thought to be one of the best foods for teeth.


Packed with protein and healthy fats, nuts like cashews help to get rid of harmful bacteria from the mouth and flush out sticky foods like dried fruits. Just make sure to avoid nuts coated with maple syrup or honey, as sugar can give rise to cavities.


Onion for the smell of their breath is still one of the best foods for your teeth. Some chemicals found in onions directly attack many types of bacteria that cause cavity and gum disease. For best results, choose locally grown organic onions.


They can be sweet and sour, but apples are actually good for your teeth. Biting into an apple stimulates the production of saliva and kills bacteria that cause tooth decay. After eating an apple, wait about 30 minutes before brushing your teeth to avoid brushing the enamel.


Water is not only the best drink to stay hydrated, but it also rinses the mouth and removes small food residues, without the harmful effects of acidic or sugary drinks. In addition, fluoride containing water, available in some municipalities, is a great way to prevent the onset of dental caries.

Dark chocolate

Yes, you can fight cavities by eating chocolate! But you have to opt for dark chocolate, which contains a little sugar and lots of polyphenols. According to research, polyphenols in cocoa are excellent for fighting bacteria that cause dental plaque and oral acids.

Black Tea

Apart from being good for your heart and bones, black tea is also good for your oral health. The catechins and thioflavin present in this hot drink, polyphenolic compounds help prevent cavities and oral cancer.

They can make your waist slim, but it is not something that makes you smile.

Questions and Answers

Are bananas bad for your teeth?

Bananas are full of vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin B6, as well as fiber. In addition, they provide a wide variety of minerals like potassium, manganese, and magnesium. These minerals can help strengthen tooth enamel, so they’re very good for the teeth.

Are Eggs good for teeth?

Egg yolks, mushrooms, and most fish are excellent sources of the vitamin D you need to absorb calcium, which builds and maintains healthy teeth.


We do not thin about the food we take. We look for the taste of food and just enjoy the moment. Teeth is very important part of body. The food we take firstly and directly comes in contact with the teeth. If the tooth is healthy you just enjoy the food. If you experience pain in teeth, you will have nightmares in equal ratio. 

Take care of teeth, do not underestimate the care of teeth. It can be very dangerous in any stage of life. Child and adolescent are at high risk of cavities. White and healthy teeth always gives charm and freshness on your face.

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